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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I go about adding my RV to your website?
A: Please click on the "List My RV" and fill out the form to send me the details of your rv.  Or you can email us directly at info@123rvrental.com.

Q: Can I rent an RV (Recreational Vehicle) for 1 day?
A: We have a 2 day min in the winter time on most RVs and 3 days in the summer time.  If you like to rent for a day, the rental cost would be twice the daily rate.  You can always use the extra day to pack up the RV.

Q: What are the deposits required?
A: Each RV has a security deposit requirement of $500, this is needed to hold your reservation for the RV selected.  Security deposits can be placed using a credit card (with a small transaction fee) or through Quick Chase Pay.

Q: How is the security deposit used?
A: The deposit is only used to cover any additional expenses accrued from the rental, for example: cleaning fees, dumping fees, additional mileage, additional generator hours, additional usage of the RV damages and or missing items.  These costs/fees will be deducted from the deposit.  You can expect to have your deposit returned within 7 business days after the RV is returned.

Q: Do I need insurance?
A: You will be asked to obtain a binder policy from your insurance company to cover the RV while you are renting.  We will also ask that you leave an additional deposit to cover your insurance deductible at the time of rental.

Q: Do I need a specific license?
A: No special license is needed if the RV is at or under 40', and therefore a current and valid drivers license is only required.

 Q: How much are the dumping fees?
A: If the owner of the RV has to dump the black and or grey water holding tanks, the charge will be $250.00.  We highly encourage each customer to dump both the black and gray water tanks before returning the RV.
Q: Can I clean and dump the waste myself before dropping it off?
A: Yes we encourage you do that before or at the time of return of the RV.
Q: Are pets ok?
A: In some cases yes, it will depend on the owner of the RV.  Please inquire.
Q: Can I get insurance through 123 RV Rental?
A: Yes, we can provide you the details to an outside company to obtain the necessary coverage.  We will start the policy for you in some cases, please ask for more information if you need insurance.
Q: Can we tow a trailer or car or boat behind the motorhome?
A: Yes, some RVs will allow towing and there is an additional $20 per day fee to tow behind the motorhome.
Q: Is there a charge to use the generator?
A: Owners will give you free hours per day and thereafter will be a $3.00 per each hour charge.  Most of the RVs come with 10 hours to use per day which is plenty and 100% over the standard.
Q: Is there a cancellation policy?
A: If you cancel 14 prior to the rental date, there is a $250 cancellation fee, thereafter you will lose your entire security deposit of $500.  Please understand that the RV is being held for your vacation and cannot be rented to another so this is why we enforce the cancellation fee.  In some cases, where we are able to find a new customer for the dates you reserved the RV, we may be able to lower the cancellation fee.

Q: How do I pay for my rental?
A:  Payment is due Upon picking up the RV.  You can decide how you'd like to pay for the remainder of the rental bill. 

Q: Can I view the Motorhome before I place deposit?
A:  Unfortunately the scheduling to view an RV is sometimes impossible.  The motorhome may be out on a rental or the owners schedule conflicts with the customers.  We also can not guarantee that the RV will still be available after the viewing. We keep our photos up to date, and if you need more, please inquire.

Q: Can I place a deposit but have it be contingent upon a viewing first?
A:  No, we can not take a booking and block out the dates in order to hold any RV contingent on a viewing.  If you place a deposit the cancellation policy will be in effect -no exceptions.  

Q: What items do I need to bring for my trip?
A:  You'll want to bring linens, blankets and towels for your trip.  Having your own pots, utensils, plates and cups is a good idea as well.  Although this isn't a green statement, you might want to consider using paper products to discard on your trip and to save on water usage and doing dishes :)

Q: Who is responsible for road side service?
A:  The renter is responsible for the motorhome while it is being rented along with any needs for road side service.  If the RV has any mechanical failures, the cost for repair needs to be authorized by the owner.  If a tire becomes flat and not reusable, please replace the tire on the RV and bring back the tire so that the owner can determine the cause of the flat and possibly reimburse for the cost of the tire.

Q: I have a AAA membership, will it cover road side service on the rented RV?
A:  Although the AAA road side memberships follows the individual, you will need to contact AAA 7 days prior to the rental to have your membership upgraded to cover an RV.  Please remember to down grade your membership after the rental return date.